What is Digital Evangelism?

2000 years ago, the Appian Way allowed early Christians to spread God's Word.

650 years ago, the printing press put the Bible in millions of hands.

Today, the Word can spread faster than ever...online.

With over half the world on social media and millions of blogs starting everyday, there’s an incredible opportunity for Christians to share the Word of God with non-believers every single day.

But it can be easy to get lost in all the noise. More than one well-meaning Christian has started a Youtube channel or a Podcast hoping to reach the world, only to hear nothing but crickets in response. Disappointed, they give up.

MyDigitalEvangelism.com was created to help Christians with this all important work. We want to equip Christians with the tools and abilities they need to spread God’s Word.

One click at a time.

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Can you evangelize on social media?

With almost 4.5 billion users, social media represents the largest combined active audience on earth. By planning posts and content strategically, you give God's Word the best chance to reach an enormous audience.

What is Digital Discipleship?

"Digital discipleship" refers to creating followers of Christ through digital means. Every Christian needs a home church, but the path to God can start with something Biblical they read online. Increasing that number is our chief goal.